Review: Starbucks VIA Ready Brew

Coffee is an art. However, it may not be an art feasible in dorm rooms.

I love coffee, and it loves me back. (PHOTO CREDIT: Ahmed Rabea)

I love coffee, and it loves me. (PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr user Ahmed Rabea)

I am a coffee purist. I prefer my coffee to be strong, flavorful and accompanied with a splash of half-and-half and a small spoon of sugar.

Therefore, I’m not usually a fan of instant coffee – partly because I don’t like the flavor, and also because I like having the cream and sugar to put in it, and if you’re going to bother to have those, why are you drinking instant coffee?

But my mom got from her boss a packet of the new Starbucks VIA instant coffee, which come in small single-serving tubes.

They even come in different varieties. (PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr user Slightlynorth)

The directions are pretty simple – boil 8 oz. of water, add the packet (which is easy to open) and stir.

My thoughts:

First, smelling it, I thought that it didn’t have a bad smell, but it didn’t have the same just-brewed scent wafting up.

I tried it black, to keep with my theory that it would truly be “on-the-go” for me, without the luxuries I usually put in coffee. I didn’t really like it like that. It was kind of weak, and although I don’t usually drink black coffee, I would prefer brewed black coffee over this.

Then I added the usual amounts of cream and sugar. This made it better. However, it’s got a strange dichotomy – a strong roasted smell, but pretty weak on the actual coffee’s strength. I also personally believe that Starbucks heavily roasts its coffee – almost to the point of being burnt – and this instant coffee is no exception.

Overall, this is the best of the instant coffees I’ve tried. I might keep the rest of the pack on hand in the event that I’m late and don’t have time to brew some coffee, but I’d still prefer to buy a brewed cup or make mine as often as possible.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ahmed Rabea and Slightlynorth


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  1. Mary

    Now that you say its okay, I will have to try it. But, I’m sure I’m predisposed to not like it at all. Starbucks is the killer of good coffee in my eyes.

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